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 Why am I experiencing problems printing to Pre-Cut Paper with your software?
Solution We recommend that you follow these instructions for printing to Pre-Cut Paper including Avery Labels, if you still have problems after following these instructions please contact us for further help:

  • Calibrate paper alignment by clicking PAPER ALIGNMENT on the Print ribbon and then following the provided instructions
  • You must select the Pre-Cut Paper Inserts paper type on the Print ribbon
  • Download the latest formats by clicking DOWNLOAD FORMATS on the Format ribbon
  • You must make sure the pre-cut paper is fed into your printer straight, as accuracy is very important. If the paper is not fed correctly mis-alignment will occur. We recommend you remove any other paper from your printer while printing to pre-cut paper
  • We recommend you use the ADD BLEED option on the Print ribbon, this should eliminate any white edges
  • Pre-Cut Paper is compatible with most inkjet & laser printers however some printers cannot print close to the edge of the paper, we recommend printing using plain paper to test this before damaging your pre-cut paper

    IMPORTANT: We cannot be held responsible for any mis-alignment while printing to Pre-Cut Paper Inserts

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